In Memory

My Uncle Bill passed early this morning.
He had been unwell in recent years and less able to be as active as he liked.
He was one of my dad's older brothers. He served as a Marine in the Pacific in WWII and was wounded in action. He was a pilot, a rancher, a casino operator, owned and ran a small bar/casino and some gas stations. And he was a very nice man. I wish we'd had more time, especially as I got into adulthood.
He and another brother also apparently attempted to string up my dad at some point when they were just home from the war. Because apparently that's what baby brothers are for.
He and my aunt were very active until recently - walking at least a mile a day with their dogs and he'd reactivated his pilots license a few years ago when the FAA lifted some of the age restrictions.

Funeral arrangements are still being made.  Mom said not to worry about trying to make it back out to Nevada so soon.  Dad is supposedly taking it well, but he's also very old-school cowboy.  
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Anonymous said...

I am sorry for your loss. It is hard as the sib of our parents go as it reminds again of how 'old' our parents are.

Alwen said...

Aw, hugs!

Leonie said...

Your uncle sounds like a very interesting man who has led a very full and active life. My condolences on your loss.