Just What Is Progress, Anyway?

injections [616]Image by brianjmatis via FlickrI had a follow-up appointment with my neurologist this afternoon.  She is blown away by how much better my walking is now than in was a few months ago.  And it dawned on me - she's right.  And that's good.
Now let me try to explain why that's a bit of an epiphany for me.
For so long, I was trying so hard to convince doctors and myself and other people that something was wrong that hearing "that's better" or "well, that doesn't seem to be happening now" or "that's not too bad" was infuriating. Intended or not those reactions were often tinged with more than a hint of "and you're wasting my time" or "there's nothing wrong." And so I've been resistant to "you're looking better" because I had started just automatically assuming the stubborn mindset of "no, jackass, there is something wrong and just because I happen to be having a good day today does not mean that every day is like this one.
I've also started to realize that while some of my problems are interrelated or come as a set, others don't. I think it's taken me a little by surprise that my walking has improved because other things haven't. I don't have a lot more energy or strength or stamina. I still need my cane. But I can walk fairly well without the cane without weaving all over or tripping over my own feet or starting/stopping or having my lower back and pelvis moving all over the place.
And I do feel better between my daily Wii Fit and weekly PT. Not "cured" not "100%" but better. Baby steps. And so I still balance between frustration and acceptance on a daily basis. The fatigue and weakness and general ick are things that I'm increasingly thinking I'll just have to live with. I need to not lose sight of the progress I make on the things I can actually make progress on like walking and basic fitness and (hopefully) migraines.
Today's appointment also wound up with me getting novacaine injections into some trigger points in my neck and shoulders in the hope that will help my migraines.
According to my PT, because my shoulders are usually rounded and I carry my head too far forward, I'm overstraining the muscles in my neck and shoulders, which is not helping me in general, but can definitely be contributing to my migraines.  So, we're going to continue working on that.  Suggestions are welcome - I would be thrilled to get rid of the permanent aching knots in my neck and shoulders, especially the ones that make it feel like my shoulder is going to wind up in my ear during the worst of my migraines.
We're also upping the does of my preventative med to see if we can get it to work. I'll be very happy if I can quit with the 4 or 5 migraines a week. They're bad enough when they suck up two or three days a month but most of a week is just too much.
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Alwen said...

When I'm trying to learn something new knitting-wise, I tend to hunch up my shoulders.

(I usually find this out at night, when I get in bed and notice my shoulder is so sore.)