NAMIWalks Chicago - Team T-Shirts

As I've mentioned before my husband, some friends and I are walking for the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Chicago this coming Sunday. (There is a link on the right side-bar of my blog for those who'd like to donate/sponsor us.)
NAMI has encouraged teams to get t-shirts. Tom and I decided we'd screenprint our own.

I wanted an Old West sort of font for the team name, since we're the James Gang and crossed canes.

Tom was nice enough to turn a photo of an ergonomic cane like the one I prefer to use into a silhouette in Illustrator. I did the rest in Inkscape (there was a lot of swearing while I was figuring out how to get text to arch).

I spent most of yesterday painting out the negative space in my screen - a quilting hoop holding some old sheer curtains. I mixed a bit of white acrylic paint with Mod Podge to paint out the negative space (the paint was so it was easier to see where I'd painted).

Tonight we pulled prints using fabric paint rather than proper screenprinting ink because netiher of us felt like going across the city to get proper screenprinting ink.

Pretty cool, huh?
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Alwen said...

Very professional looking. I like the crossed canes!

(I'm always threatening my husband that I'm going to get a stick to go with my cantankerous nature.)