NAMIWalks Chicago 2010

On the lakefront
Today was the big walk. We had beautiful weather and a great turn-out. We got some fun photos too.
Oreo can't quite make a full 3 mile walk (the block is sometimes a challenge) so he had to sit this one out. Instead, our friends brought their dog, Yuki. She's sweet and fluffy and beautiful and had lots of admirers.  So I had good people and doggie friends to keep me company and help me out on the walk.

Our team raised $500 (thanks to all our donors!!!!)

I am stiff and sore and very tired, but I think it was well worth it!
No idea why Tom took this
Start of the walk

I don't think we managed to get a full team photo without at least one of us looking weird

Tom in front of the Ram in Chinatown


Tom said...

I haven't seen a man as good looking as that last picture of me since I got grease on our mirror.

cholling said...

Congratulations! Too bad Oreo couldn't make it... maybe you should have just stuck him in a backpack?

Alwen said...

Woo hoo!

This past week was a roller coaster as far as weather. Glad you didn't get drenched!