Seven Years Ago Today

Tom and I got married. It was an adventure. Continues to be one, really. Wouldn't trade it for anything.
Last two photos were taken during our first season in Sudan by one of our team-mates.  One at the end of a fairly windy day (sunscreen plus wind plus facing into the dirt = messy) and the other sitting on the bank of the Nile just before going for a quick swim.

Also, the finest ass in Buhen Temple.  And a very tasteful picture of it at that.


Bookewyrme said...

Congrats! Those are great pictures (especially the last!) Enjoy your day. ^_^


Alwen said...

Happy anniversary!

(I spent mine having a migraine, too, so sympathies. Evil things.)

Anonymous said...

good for you. don't let the pmd control your life. you look very happy in the 1st pict.

Barbara said...

There's no harm good, clean dirt, as my grandma used to say, and that Sudanese dirt looks mighty fine. Happy anniversary! Looks like you both picked a winner.