Finished Pug

Last night I finished making a pug amigurumi using a pattern from the wonderful June at Planet June. Despite her wonderful pattern instructions and equally wonderful on-line tutorials, I think the color changes in the eye-mask area turned out a little wonky, but she's still a cute little pug baby. I'm hoping she'll be loved by her recipient. As it is, I think I may have blisters on my fingers from all that crocheting. :P
I'm ashamed to admit I've barely used my zafu since finishing it. It seems every time I'm about to move from the couch to it Oreo decides he wants to climb in my lap and I can't resist doggie cuddle time.

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Bookewyrme said...

That is the most ridiculously cute crocheted plushie EVER!


Emily said...

SO CUTE!!!! Love it! Pugs are adorable!

Alwen said...

Awwwww, cute little pug!

Reality Land is like that. Sometimes it's more the making than the using.