Ravelympics Progress 2/12 and 2/13

Last night I knit a gauge swatch, cast-on, and did the first 3 rows of the cardigan I'm hoping to knit for the Ravelympics.

I was super excited to see the handy little place-marker and counter Lion Brand now has on their pattern pages - very cool.
Today, I did a few more rows of garter stitch while watching The Meaning of Life. I was going to do a sci-fi/fantasy marathon, but we had this awesome stout and cheddar rarebit for dinner and I thought we needed something more quintessentially British. And I'm saving Doctor Who for my less divided attention, so Monty Python it was.

The blurry photos from my web-cam are after this evening's work. I like working with super bulky yarn - it works up quickly, the needles are big and so less likely to cramp my hands, and it feels all squisy-soft.
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