Internet sabbatical

Just a quick note.
I'm feeling dreadful the past few days and so have decided to take an internet break today (yes, I just woke up and got out of bed, that's what delayed sleep phase disorder plus chronic pain does to you).  I hear the Tutankhamun DNA results were leaked earlier today and while I find the preliminary data fascinating, I'm also not really in any condition to say much about other than "wow, cool.  Wait, what?"
So, planning on curling up with a book and fighting off headache and sore throat with rousing fantasy fiction.
Hopefully I can get my hands on a copy of the JAMA article when it's actually published later this week.  I am most interested to see the results as presented there rather than 2nd and 3rd hand through the press.

On another note, so far as I know, I was totally right about Tut not being a chick.  :P

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