Crochet Saturn V

Crochet Saturn V
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I am having serious nerd-gasm here. I've talked before about my love of the early US space program. In my idea notebook there is a page devoted to ideas for amigurumi and other crocheted items and space stuff is on it. I don't know if I would be quite ambitious enough to do the Saturn V or patient enough to try to keep in in scale, but Ms. Premise-Conclusion did both!!!
I am in awe. Sooooo nifty cool.
Even better - there's a pattern for sale in her Etsy shop! Get your nerdy butts over there, people!


Ms Premise-Conclusion said...

Thanks for talking about my Saturn V!

By the way, you are my new hero! I also was obsessed with the US space race as a kid. When my parents took me to Disney when I was 10, all I wanted to do was hang out at Cape Canaveral.

I've also been thinking about more rockets to make already...Mercury Redstone/Atlas, maybe Gemini.

Shoveling Ferret said...

You're very welcome! The Saturn looks so amazing, I hope you make more.