My life of excitement

Just watched Star Trek:  The Motion Picture because I was feeling in the mood.  Unfortunately, I only have the films on VHS.  I haven't watched a VHS tape in years.  Based on the past few hours, then, I have the following observations:
- Holy crap that was some static-y sci-fi.  Must obtain DVDs
- I'm kind of amazed that our VHS player actually still works.  The remote doesn't (even with new batteries), but the player does.
- Do we ever find out why Kirk's hair changes from light brown/dark blonde and mostly straight to dark brown and wavy between the series and the films?  Do they work in an Interstellar Hair Club commercial in the background somewhere?  A freak shuttle accident?
- Could they not have gotten the Ilia-probe some freakin' pants?  Is having cold legs and potentially flashing your robotic girl parts part of "observing the normal functions" on the Enterprise?  (Actually, now that I think back on the women's uniforms from the original series, I think it may well be...)
- I think Doctor McCoy shops for his civilian clothing at Intergalactic Disco Pimps R Us.   He's sporting a pretty awesome gold medallion with his open-neck wing-collared jumpsuit thing along with the Unabomber beard.  Pretty awesome belt-buckle, too.
- The uniforms from this movie are awful.  Who the hell thought pants with boots built in and pastels were a good idea?  Also, spandex is not forgiving.

In other news, I got several inches knitted on the sweater I'm working on for an Xmas gift.  My nose is freezing for some reason.  And I'm now trying to come up with a potential product-line for an Etsy shop called "Intergalactic Disco Pimps R Us."

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Anonymous said...

"Intergalactic Disco Pimps R Us" should feature glittery tunics for various space travelers (Specify number and placement of appendages, please.), as well as tricked out space scooters for drag racing. Various ninja-like weapons need to be devised, suitable for different ranges of gravity.

That's all the brainwaves I have for now, but it's a start.