Pulmonary Test

I did it without puking! Go me!
Also, the tech this time was a dominatrix. She had really, really high stiletto heels. And the heels were all chrome and junk. And she kept yelling at me to breathe in and out. I was scared. So was Tom.

Also, I think I died a few times during the 6 minute walk. At least the oximeter thing started freaking out because I had my finger facing down.

Then they gave me albuterol I guess just to see what it would do. I kept telling myself I'd be an idiot to panic considering the way worse things I deliberately inhaled when I was smoking. Especially when I bought some of the cheaper brands of the local cigarettes in Egypt or Sudan. Or shared a homemade shisha pipe with unflavored tobacco with my Gufti (sort of a foreman for the local workmen in Egypt).
Anyway, that made me twitch like the worst caffeine jitters I've ever had x10 but without the nausea, so that's fine.

Anyway, we did some household shopping tonight - groceries and other stuff like water filters and TP. I was fine until we got to the grocery store and then started to get so tired and hurt so bad I started to feel sick. It seems like the acetazolamide really takes the piss out of me. Heh.

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