Overdid it yesterday between the pulmonary test and shopping and am thus tired and very, very achy today.
But, we did have a lovely dinner with a friend and watched Cat Ballou, which, despite my deep hatred of Jane Fonda, was pretty good.
And I managed to do all the dishes earlier today, clean the bathroom, and sweep the floors, so go me!
The Diamox/acetazolamide doesn't seem to be doing much for my movements. I'm still taking only a half pill because it does make me sleepy, spacey, and gives me a headache later in the day no matter how much water I drink. I started a potassium supplement today to see if that will help any. I'm not planning on upping my dose until the side-effects wane, especially the headache. It does no good at all to solve one major issue by creating another even more crippling one.

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