I could have sworn I posted yesterday...

...but apparently I did not.  Yesterday's achievements were:
- Fighting with Oreo over the husband pillow on the couch.
- Peeing.  A lot.  Yay, Diamox.  Also, it makes me light-headed and a wee-bit spacey and sleepy and gives me a slight headache, but so far I can deal.  Although that whole almost falling asleep on the couch and then jerking awake because I have to pee has been tons of fun.
- Drinking.  A lot.  (Of water, sadly, I haven't had much alcohol besides heavily watered wine in the past 20 months or so.)  Gotta make up for all that peeing.
- Making it to therapy, courtesy of a ride from a friend since I just didn't feel up to catching the bus.
- Acquisition of used books.
- Eating out.
- Giggling.

Also, while my right ring-finger continues to do its constant little dance, I haven't had much in the way of pelvic/trunk spasms (Elvis-pelvis) since Monday.  Not sure if it's the new med, since I didn't start taking it until Tuesday, but if it is, that's pretty awesome.  I have noticed that when I stretch or extend my back I don't get the quiver or shimmy I usually have almost all the time, so that's also pretty cool.

Tomorrow I have the rest of my pulmonary exam.  I know it involves a 6-minute walk, but I'm not sure what else.  I'm hoping no lung-volume test, because I'm not sure I can deal with being sealed in the little chamber.
Anyway, let's hope I don't barf.  That is so last week.

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