I ate solid food for dinner.  Worked on some crocheting until I got frustrated.  Almost got a a temp job, but medical appointments interfered.  :(
Went and filled my script for acetazolamide. Starting it tomorrow morning.  Hoping that it will help or at least not cause any really wiggy side-effects.  Because, really, I don't need that crap.
Still trying to take it slow getting over this stomach bug.  Just the short trip to Walgreens and the grocery tired me out and made me light-headed.
Oh, and we tried some spray-on no-rinse shampoo stuff on Oreo.  It smells like cheap old-lady cologne.  And now so does Oreo.  Bleh.  I think it gave me a headache.  Awesome.
Also, I've been having a remarkably good day walking.  Very little weird hip-sway or staggering.  Kind of cool.  Wish I knew what (if anything) makes that happen.

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