And I've missed a day again

Forgot to post yesterday.  Whoops.  I have a bunch of polymer clay to play with though, which is very exciting. I'm not sure if I want to share what I'm planning to do with it.  Partly I'm not sure if it will work.  Partly I'm hoping if it does work that I can start production for sale on Etsy.  And combined with that, I'm slightly worried that if I discuss or feature it broadly before I have the shop up and going someone will take my idea and run with it.  Not very generous of me, I know, but after the time I've spent in academia I'm ever so slightly paranoid.

I've started a gauge swatch for one of the Xmas gifts I'm making.
Oh, and I achieved all of last week's goals last week!

I've also managed to have technical difficulties with Blogger (I was trying to schedule my Thanksgiving post for, you know, Thanksgiving and it kept posting it right now.  Stupid.)

Today, however, I don't feel like doing much of anything but reading.  I'm on another Wikipedia marathon about the USSR, spies, human intelligence gathering, and numbers stations, among other things.  Numbers stations are essentially dedicated shortwave radio stations that broadcast Morse code, numbers sequences, and/or spoken alphabet strings (as in A=Alpha, B=Baker, etc).  Some of them have music at the beginning or end of broadcast sequences.  They are almost certainly a communication method for spies of various agencies, in many cases probably sending coded messages that can be decoded with a one-time pad.  They also give me a serious case of the creeps for some reason.  Just the idea and the recordings of some of them.  No idea why that is.  Maybe the disembodied voice(s) speaking random numbers and letters.  One of them features a child's voice as the recording as well, which is extra creepy to me.
Anyone who cares to have a listen can go to the dedicated page for The Conet Project on archive.org

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