Sorry I've been AWOL the past week or so.  I've been down with some sort of stomach bug that is still bothering me.  I'm still working on being able to eat solid food and I have pretty much no appetite to speak of.  Tom kindly mixed up some oral rehydration drink for me last night and that seems to be helping.  I've managed soup and yogurt and crackers and last night had some baba ghanoush and pita, but today am back to having to force myself to eat anything.  I'm also light-headed and tired (though having trouble sleeping) and a bit feverish.  In general, I feel like ass, which I guess is a good way to remind me that while I might not feel wonderful most of the time, I can definitely feel waaaay worse.  Bleh.
This week's goals are:
- keeping food down/in
- making it to the appointment I have Tuesday afternoon
- making it to the rest of my pulmonary exam which I think is on Thursday and hopefully not getting sick during it
- finishing a crochet project
- keeping up with the housework
- starting my new med that may (hopefully) help with the involuntary movements

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