Yay, shopping!

I spent a very restless night last night - I was exhausted but had a terrible time getting to sleep and then, unusually for me, trouble staying asleep. Bleh.
Apartment hunting is making me anxious, so that's probably the trouble. We have a lot of leads now, many of them outside our current neighborhood. That will involve figuring out how much more or less expensive things will be as hubby will have to commute daily and I will need to do so regularly for medical appointments. Many of the places we're looking at are rehabs too, which are beautiful, but usually don't have boilers and radiators which could mean a huge jump in electricity expenses. So, we have to offset those sorts of costs with less expensive rents. :P
Anyway, we went out shopping with a friend today in the suburbs. I've been wanting to hit Michael's Arts and Crafts this week because they had a sale on cotton yarn. I scored 8 skeins. And a skein of purple bamboo yarn (sooooo silky) that I think will be my very first cane cozy. I also found a lovely set of very small alphabet rubber stamps that will be wonderful for "signing" my prints.
And I found some wonderful hiking sandals from Land's End at Sears on sale for $30. My older hiking sandals are nice, but have seen a season in Sudan, a dunking in Lake Michigan, several rain storms, and lots of other miscellaneous wear. They're thus a bit battered. My new ones are super comfy (I wore them the rest of the day) and much better suited to wet conditions. Now I just hope we can fit in a kayaking or canoe trip this summer.
Off to bed now - I think full apartment hunting including call-backs and possible visits commences tomorrow. Or maybe Monday. Sigh. I'll be in the corner, petting my yarn.

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