I think I have a cold

My throat has been sore for two days, my nose is a bit stuffy, I have a slight cough, and I feel like crap. Well, more like crap than usual. However, it is also raining, which also makes me feel more like crap usually, even though I like to watch the rain. It could also be allergies. Or just my usual crap. I think I'll say crap again. Crap. I actually had Saturday evening and most of Sunday free of super bad spasms, but I think that might have been because I was so tired. Things are back to "normal" in that regard - I walk like a duck at the best of times and randomly bow or hip-check.

Anyway, I haven't been doing much the past few days. Yesterday we got the last of the stuff out of the old apartment. I also reclaimed all of our "removable" hooks from the old place. Yeah - you know how the little video ad shows the dude pulling down on the tab and the hook coming right off the wall. Lies! I pulled on the tab. It snapped. I managed to pop those bastards off the walls anyway with the help of a screwdriver and a lot of swearing. Some paint came with it, but since the place is supposed to be torn down, I don't think it matters. Soon the surgeons will have their parking lot and not have to walk a block or take a shuttle like the rest of the unwashed masses who work for the hospital. Hurray. So glad to be of service by having to move. Jerks.

Oreo is still getting used to the new place. He tends to follow me around as if he's afraid he might get left behind. Though I think he's also keeping an eye on me - he sat on me Sunday night through a very bad migraine and coaxed me into sitting down and resting earlier that day by being super, extra, ultra sad and pitiful complete with unfurled tail (I thought something was wrong with him, so I quit unpacking and took him to cuddle on the couch, at which point he was fine). Tom gave him his first bath in the new place last night. And we've switched sides in the bed which makes Oreo and Tom much happier. Oreo is very attached to the right side (from the foot) of the bed, which is also where I slept in our first apartment in Chicago. Then we moved and wound up having to switch sides. Only Oreo didn't want to switch sides. And for two years there was a constant Oreo vs. Tom battle of furry wills as Oreo tried to occupy his spot and Tom kept getting in the way. And, as far as Oreo is concerned, he was here well before Tom, whom he tolerates only barely and with much difficulty. Humph. Anyway - things work out better - Tom doesn't constantly have a dog between his knees or ankles, Oreo isn't being smushed or knocked off the bed and I have a foot/leg warmer.

I've been doing a bit of knitting on a pot holder or dishcloth (haven't decided which yet). Not too bad looking for a beginner and fairly easy to do on autopilot. It's also helping me learn how to distinguish stitches. It's nicely portable too.

I have been sprawled on the couch most of today. Very tired, feeling ick. Unpacking can wait. :P


Anonymous said...
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Tom said...

You requested I try commenting last night. Here you go! I hope you feel better today.