Mostly moved in

Yesterday our awesome, awesome friends helped Tom with the heavy lifting and got just about everything from the old apartment into the new apartment. I did what I could manage - packing and unpacking, some light moving. I also resealed the tile in the bathroom because I don't think it had so much been done before we moved in...
I slept late today, got up and puttered around a bit, but the longer I'm awake the more exhausted and sore I feel, so I'm mostly taking advantage of open wi-fi networks and goofing off. Things are still scattered all over, but I don't really mind.
I really like this new place - it's much bigger. The bedroom is big enough to handle our furniture with room to spare. There are plenty of closets. Even for being in the basement we get a nice amount of light.
Oreo is still a bit confused and gets a little lost. He's still working on figuring out whether to run to the back door or the front door when he hears someone coming in. We, of course, find this hilarious. He's also very intrigued by people walking past the windows.
The kitchen is going to require some creativity - there is a nice pantry with lots of shelves, but not much cabinet or counter space. I'll figure something out, I'm sure.
Now we're just looking for free furniture on craigslist, mostly for bookshelves to replace the built-ins from the old place, maybe some extra chairs and/or tables. I'm still in the early planning stages as far as curtains go - still leaning toward very light muslin (airy AND cheap!), but not sure exactly what to do with it - pretty trim, stamping, painting, or what...
Posting will probably be a bit intermittent as we get settled, but hopefully I'll get some good photos to show off, especially as we get things situated.

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