OMG the vet, nooooooo!

Oreo had his annual check-up today. He was also due for his vaccinations. He's on a 3 year cycle, which I know he must prefer. They also took a blood sample to check for heartworm before we start up his heartworm preventative. I know it's a bit late in the year, but aside from a few days here and there it really hasn't been warm enough for mosquitos.

Anyway, this is is the first year we've had to do this when I've been sick but well enough to be there with him and Tom. He actually fussed a bit this year - first time ever, well, except for hating the bordatella vaccine, but I hate things sprayed up my nose too. Super squirmy when the assistant was holding him for the shots and even worse when trying to get the blood draw on his neck, even though I was talking to him from my spot in a chair in the corner the whole time.

Ordinarily, I would be the one holding him and rubbing the little sweet-spot right under his eye that distracts him, so I can't help but be a little bit gratified that he wasn't as good because Mama wasn't holding him. Rotten, I know - he should be a perfect gentleman for everyone. Still, it's nice to know I'm special. :P

Anyway, he recovered admirably, especially after being bribed with treats, and is now napping next to me on the couch waiting for our pizza to finish cooking so he can have bits of crust.

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