Appointment went about how I expected - the endocrinologist can't really see any relation between my thyroid problems and my other problems, especially since my thyroid levels seem to be stable with treatment. Especially the muscle myopathy, which tends to be more an issue with hyperthyroidism than with hypothyroidism.
We are running another panel since it's been long enough since I started a higher dose of Synthroid to check and confirm that things are under control and do any necessary tweaking.

In other news, however - I seem to be shrinking. I was 5'8 or 5'7 when I graduated HS. Today I was 5'5.5" - could be scoliosis, could be something else? Weirdness. So, I lost about 3 inches and gained 30 lbs in 10 years. Awesome. :P At least for the first time since childhood I'm no longer in the "underweight OMGWTFBBQ-are-you-sure-you're-not-anorexic?!?!?!" BMI category and am now in the healthy weight category. How novel. Still trying to get used to not being a stick figure. Wouldn't mind so much if it didn't mean that I had to buy all new pants and that my bras don't fit properly anymore. Also, medicine and stuff makes me a bit bloated so I have a tummy. A "pot" as that freakin' annoying French chick from Pulp Fiction would say. (God I hated her and wanted her to fall off the motorcycle.)

Anyway, Oreo has a vet appointment this afternoon to get his vaccinations and annual check-up. Poor guy.

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