Inverted Sleep Schedule and Other Stupidity

Right, so, another day when I slept until 5 PM. Of course, I couldn't fall asleep until 7:30 AM, so I guess that's not so bad. I was going to try to stay up most of the day, take a nap and sleep tonight but around 6:30 I just could not stay awake any longer - something that used to happen to me only very, very rarely. I was bad and slept without my CPAP, hoping that would make it easier for me to sleep tonight. I must admit, sleeping without the CPAP every now and then is wonderful - I can be in whatever position I want, including my stomach, without being caught up in tubing (makes for even more fun nightmares) or having the mask shoved too far up my nose (ow) or inadvertently blocking the expiration valve and making horrible noises (think of the noise that would result from sticking your hand in front of Darth Vader's mask. No, not the sound of him choking your dumb-ass, but the sound of your hand blocking his exhalation) as a result.

My thumb seems to be feeling better. It started to ache mildly when I folded laundry today, but nowhere near as bad as the past few days. I'm only getting a little twinge now and then. So, fingers-crossed (bad pun) it's nearly better and I can stop favoring it. And get back to crafting. I haven't been sewing because of it or knitting. And I haven't been crocheting because my current skein got all stupidly tangled up and I'm too lazy to untangle it. I should just switch to a different skein, but that would be logical.

So, no crafty stuff today. I am pleasantly sleepy already and may well crawl back in bed soon. I have an early appointment tomorrow with the dermatologist so sleeping tonight would be good. And I've REALLY got to figure out a way to make myself get up in the morning even when I don't have an appointment. Seriously - my brain seems to decide "ah, no where to be - SLEEP!" and the next thing I know it's late afternoon, even when I set an alarm.


Clover said...

what goes,
"glug glug glug *sppffssh*
glug glug *sppffllsh*
glug glug glug *spphfflsh*"?

an apniac with water in their tube!

i recently discovered *why* the machine is supposed to be lower my head, lol... *doh*

Clover said...

(sorry, couldn't resist, lol)

Shoveling Ferret said...

Bwahahaha! I love it.