Shout out!

Some time in the past few days I hit over 1000 visits to this dinky little blog! Not bad for being live for just a few months. Yay! It seems a fair number are return visitors too. Double yay!

So, here's a shout-out to all my readers. I hope you find my ramblings and links fun and I appreciate your taking time to have a peek at my silliness and hope you return.

Some of you are lurkers, I know, and that's fine. Hi!
I know a few of you are grad school buddies! Hi, grad school buddies! Wave!!!!
Some are Ravelry friends - Hi, bitches (you know who you are)! I hoist my cane in your honor!
Some are college friends - 'Sup! Thanks for not linking to photos of me with orange or blue hair!
Some are fellow bloggers - Welcome! I salute you with my keyboard.
Some are peeps from Flickr whose work I featured - Welcome! Your creations have made me gasp, smile, laugh out loud, given me shivers, or all of the above. Keep it up!

I think that covers most the categories, right? Hi to everyone else anyway!

And tail-wags from Oreo - he knows you're really here to see him.
upside down

Edit: Judy from Virtual Quilter reminded me that I forgot the people who have me in their Google Reader feed (and other RSS feed readers too). Sorry! Hi to all of you too!!!! That was extra silly of me seeing as how I do most of my blog following via Reader. I blame the little holes in my brains. :P


Anonymous said...

Hey! you missed those of us who have you on a reader, but then we are not counted as real visitors anyway!
Judy B

Shoveling Ferret said...

Oh no! I'll remedy that immediately! :)