Mummy Facial Reconstruction

Here is a wonderful video of digital facial reconstruction of Meresamun, a temple singer during the Third Intermediate Period in ancient Egypt. Based on the style of coffin and other information, Meresamun's lifetime has been pegged to around 800 BC.
The facial reconstruction itself is based on the high quality CT scans done at the University of Chicago Hospitals in preparation for the special exhibit The Life of Meresamun at the Oriental Institute.
Anyone in the Chicago area should really try to pay a visit. Those outside the Chicago area, please take a look at the links, the OI website is a wonderful resource.


Julie said...

Really COOL! I've seen it done, of course, but not in this time-lapse method. I wish I was in Chicago. I'd love to see the exhibit.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Isn't that nifty? The CT scans are awesome too. They used the brand new Philips CT scanner the hospital got before they set it up for human use. Basically, the techs got to play around with the new scanner to see just how powerful it is without irradiating a living person. Very cool.

Tom said...

I, personally, having the all around awesome job that I do, got to drive her from the Museum to the Hospital, and lift her up onto the CT scan deck. Fun day all around.