In addition to watching Star Trek, I've been watching the new Doctor Who on the Roku.  I'm ashamed to admit that I'd never seen Doctor Who before - I'll have to catch up on the older seasons at some point.
Today we watched the episode Dalek.  At one point the Dalek in the episode downloads the entire internet.  All I can think is that we should probably be grateful that the Dalek just killed some people, started to mutate courtesy of Rose, and then decided to self-destruct.  I mean, what if it had taken a second look at what it had downloaded and discovered /b/ on 4chan?  Then we'd have a Dalek running around demanding tentacle porn (which, for a Dalek, probably isn't all that weird, considering), finding and creating horrible and disgusting photos, and wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and standing outside of Scientology centers.  Actually, that last one would be awesome.

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