Where no meerkat has gone before...

newtrek 002
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niftyknits created these amazing meerkat versions of the major characters from the original Star Trek and I am in awe! Little uniforms with little insignia and rank stripes, tiny tricorders, communicators, and medical instruments, even Uhura's earpiece... So awesome!
I can sort of see how they could be confused for ferrets, but niftyknits wants it known that they are meerkats, so despite the ferret love here on my blog, we welcome our space traveling meerkat friends!
If you're interested, the meerkat awesomeness is available for sale in niftyknits's Etsy shop

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niftyknits said...

LOL thank you for the feature, these little trekkies really are boldly going places no meerkat has gone before. I meant no offence when I said they weren't ferrets (indeed I think we may well be distant relatives) Live long and prosper!