Suckitude aka Having to Move

So we're going to have to leave our apartment by the end of August.  Our building and a bunch of neighboring buildings are going to be torn down (eventually) to make room for hospital expansion.  Or possibly for an Olympic village.  Either way, this sucks.  So, we've got to try to find a new place that is affordable and, hopefully, easier for me to get in and out of.   I wouldn't be worried except we'll be competing for said places with all of our neighbors.   I love our place now, except that I have to deal with a flight of stairs to get in or out.  Aside from hating to move even when I am functional, I'm a bit concerned over location.  Right now I'm within a fairly easy walk to the hospital, which means that I can make it to my regular appointments by myself with little trouble.  Moving may mean that hubby and/or friends will have to take time off to drive me to appointments or put me in a wheelbarrow and push me.  Weekly.  Ick.

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