The Cane Bow - DIY cane decoration

As I mentioned yesterday, I have also decided to make a bow to dress up my cane for the event this week.  I considered, and shopped for, a new cane altogether but decided against it for now.  My cane, while not a thing of beauty, is perfectly serviceable, lightweight, and has been improved dramatically by the removal of the branding stickers that were on it when I first received it.  Spending the money on a new cane just didn't seem wise, especially since I would have to order one rather than being able to test it out before buying.

Yesterday evening I picked up three rolls of wired ribbon from Michael's.  This evening, with my husband's help, I sat down to work on creating the bows.  Then I realized neither of us had the faintest clue what we were doing, so I did a quick Google search.  This was particularly helpful, though we didn't follow it very closely, so if you think the final result sucks, don't blame the tutorial authors.  
Making bows was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  My hands are less than happy right now, but I finally got it done.  It's held together with pipe-cleaners and attached to my cane using electrical tape.
Here is the bow prior to attachment, displayed in my stylishly craft-gloved hand:

Cane bow

And here it is after attachment to my cane, with a lovely view of our cluttered living-room and the Roku screen-saver playing on the TV.

Stylin' Cane Bow

Pretty pimpin', eh?

I intend to be the most stylin' cripple around.  :P

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