The Partay

So the big event was tonight.  It went pretty well, though the weather sucked and I had a super bad spasm/shaky/ick attack when we first arrived and aftershocks the rest of the evening.  Meh.  I got to see some people I haven't seen in ages, including someone who is getting the girliest, pinkest, fru-fru-est thing I can crochet when I get around to it just for mocking my craftiness.  The fascinator seemed to be very popular and so was the cane bow, though people noticed/commented on the fascinator more.  I wonder if that was because it was more visible or because people were more comfortable not mentioning the cane?  Not that it matters.  Dinner was good.  There was chocolate.  
My biggest problem was the drinking glasses for cocktails (sparkling water for me) - they were a bit too large and heavy for me to hold easily without shaking/spilling.  That was easily remedied by asking for a wine glass for my next refill.
The hubby was extra handsome.  Overall, it was pretty cool.  I'm very glad that our sponsor was so generous as to purchase our tickets, it was very sweet of a very kind and generous lady.

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