The advantages of being mildly annoying

As I mentioned a few days ago, my neurologists are playing keep-away with my test results. They were also going to make me wait until July to even have a chance at catching the metaphorical ball.  Being rather displeased with this state of affairs, I started emailing my attending neurologist at least once every weekday asking about an expedited appointment.  It seems to have worked.  I have an appointment in about 3 weeks.  Still longer than I'd like, but I suppose it will do.  Three weeks of stewing, wondering what's wrong and why they couldn't tell me in an email is better than 8 weeks.  Hypothetically, it's nothing that's likely to kill me within either 3 or 8 weeks, right?
Some of my readers may be wondering why I didn't call instead of email.  Well, you see, he can't remember his voice-mail code.  So, he can't retrieve voice-mails.  I have no explanation for why he hasn't gotten in touch with IT or whoever to get a new code.  I have suspicions that he's already done that so many times that they've told him to get lost, but these are only suspicions. The only other numbers I have are the main clinic number, and I'd rather not antagonize the receptionists and clerks (yet), and his pager number which, no matter how pissed off I am, I'm not going to abuse with non-emergencies.
I suspect there are going to be regular entries from me psyching myself up for the "here are the many ways in which I have found your behavior to be unacceptable" conversation coming up in June.  

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