Mmmm, pain relief (aka NSB from theferriswheels review)

Mmmm, pain relief
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So, I promised a review of this wonder product once it arrived.
Sally from theferriswheels was wonderful to work with - if she was weirded out by my gushing in happiness over finding this thing, she hid it very well. :) She was wonderful about communication and let me know as soon as she got it in the mail. It arrived on Saturday, but I didn't get around to picking it up until Sunday. That's super fast!
No mess of packaging to waste or have to dispose of - very good! Very nice directions included!
So, I popped it in the microwave and...ahhhhhhhh! Yay! It fits as far up my neck as I want it to, drapes my shoulders nicely, and hits the tense parts very well too! It doesn't stay heated quite as long as I would like, but I suspect that's more to do with our craptastic tiny microwave than with the actual pack. (Also, if you're like me and never clean your microwave, put it on a plate or something when you heat it - you don't want popcorn-butter residue on your happy.)  I love that it stays in place really well too - I can get up and putter around a bit without having to untangle myself from cords or make sure things are unplugged AND I still get my warm relief while I do it.

Overall, I'm very pleased, as I hope you can tell from the photo (I'm also rocking some great camo jammies my Nana bought me last Xmas and having a particularly achy/icky day, so I probably look a bit more sickly than usual). I will definitely be recommending these to friends and family!

(I also love that there's yarn, an amigurumi book, and the upper part of my old-fashioned electric heating pad visible in the photo...)

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