Distrustful Talpid

English: European mole Polski: Kret europejski
English: European mole Talpa europaea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Does not resemble my suspicious mole.
Finally got around to seeing a dermatologist today. I'm having major cystic acne issues, wanted my vitiligo checked out, and had some moles I also wanted checked out.

The doctor was concerned about one in particular. On my left hip/ass cheek. So, shot of lidocaine in the ass and they scraped that thing right off.
Pathology report should be back in a week. Aches a little but I'll live.

So, think of my ass for the next few days. As much as I would enjoy randomly telling people I have ass cancer, because I am really that immature, I don't actually want ass cancer of any variety.

Dermatologist was otherwise very nice, no high-pressure "buy our super fancy expensive skin care products!" or anything.

So, I have stuff that will hopefully help deal with the crazy acne (one of the few downsides of my Mirena). And I need to continue to coat myself in sunscreen, which I hate because it makes me feel all coated and sticky and weird. Buhhh.

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