I'm still recovering from the move.  Swelling has gone down but I've been running a low grade fever and the eczema on my hands has flared up.  I did manage a short grocery trip today.  Migraine responded to meds.  I've been able to sit up a bit longer without getting zombified.

It's cooled off wonderfully here and will be nice the rest of the week.

Hoping to start home-hunting tomorrow.  We have lots of decisions to make - apartment or house?  Where?  Can I drive or not and how will that affect our choice?

We want at least 2 bedrooms so we can have a guest room and I can have an office/studio space of some kind.  At least 1.5 baths or more.  Doggie friendly.  No or very few (like no more than three) stairs.  Fairly quiet and low-key.  A porch or sunroom or patio of some kind.

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cholling said...

Ooh, grocery run! Tell me you went to Rouse's and loaded up on CDM coffee, Camelia beans, Hubig's pies, Creole tomatoes, Tony Chachere's, and all that stuff they can't get in the barbarian lands to the north!

As for where to live, I'd avoid Gulfport (and this is coming from someone who grew up there). I always liked Pass Christian. Bay St. Louis was nice and has done a good job with rebuilding but is still pretty heavily damaged, plus it's a bit of a commute to Biloxi if you plan on teaching at Tulane again.