We're here.  The stupid-ass storm is still here.  I am exhausted.  We noticed my ankles had swollen up ridiculously huge last night, but they seem to have gotten a bit better with sleep.  Hoping that was just from so much time sitting in the truck.
Had a bit of a return on the involuntary trunk movements too, but again, probably just fatigue and truck.
My hands are swollen and hot and the skin hurts there too.  Sigh.

Oreo is being a bit of a punk with Brownie and Blue, but everyone is mostly okay.

We had fabulous dinner last night.  Restaurant on the Gulf.  Fried dill pickles the proper way - in chips instead of spears and omnomnomnom fried shrimp.   I loved watching the storm on the water.

Thunder only started up last night and it doesn't seem too bad today.


cholling said...

Welcome to the Coast! Wish I were back there with you. I hope Brownie and Blue survive the onslaught of Oreo. Grommit was too old and lazy to cause much trouble.

Shoveling Ferret said...

The dogs seem to be getting along fairly well. Brownie and Blue aren't entirely sure Oreo is a dog but they don't dislike him.