I discovered this morning that my phone autocorrects "crap" to "veal."  As in I meant to tweet  "holy crap, the hospital elevator is working" and instead sent "holy veal, the hospital elevator is working."

We have been having entirely too much fun with this on Twitter.  And I had time to be on Twitter because it took me at least an hour to cancel my phone and internet service today.

In other news, we got the moving truck today and pretty much all the furniture and other stuff is on it courtesy of Tom and our friends Eric and Brian.  Yay!

For some reason though, our apartment still looks to be full of veal.

My stupid brain has decided getting dizzy when I bend over is super fun, which makes packing boxes way more entertaining.  If I see double, I should get a double to help out.  Or something.

Oreo is thoroughly traumatized and curled up next to me on my yoga mat (hard floor is hard).

Original plan had been to leave tomorrow but we're rethinking that and may leave on the 1st after all so we aren't quite so frantic.

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Alwen said...

I still remember looking at our bedroom before we moved here and thinking "This won't take long, there's hardly anything in here."

Ha ha ha ha HAH!

Famous last words.

I'm still traumatized and think of "move" as the 4-letter M word.