Serial Killers Shop at IKEA

You may commence betting on when I'll receive a take-down order in the comments.

But seriously, I like fabric painting and printing, especially on hand towels or tea towels or whatever, but this?  This is kind of creepy

All hex wrenches and no screws make Jack a dull boy.
It's on page 40 of the most recent catalog.

Also, Zemanta seems to think that multiple photos of menstrual pads are appropriate to this posting.  o.O


Alwen said...

Uhhhh, at least the writing is black and not red? That's about the only thing that could make it creepier!

cholling said...

Home is where the heart is... in a jar of formaldehyde on the mantlepiece over the fireplace where I burned his body so his soul will never return to torment me with those voices, those VOICES...

Claire L. Prideaux said...

Just think... you could have had this idea!