Unhappy Campers

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This is how camp would have looked.  Only hopefully the women would be wearing pants.
Sadly, it looks like I will probably not be teaching the adult archaeology day camp thingy.  Apparently we priced it too steeply but can't really afford to cut things.  Sigh.

Also, it's like eleventy-billion degrees here.  With no AC except the crotchety-ass window unit in the bedroom.  And I'm afraid to go get in the lake because there's all kinds of foul shit (literally) in there and I am slightly immune-compromised.  Also, I'd have to walk through the heat and sun and junk.  I damn near passed out catching a bus earlier. 

I think I may take Oreo and go camp out in the bedroom with my Kindle and the AC.

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Summer said...

Excellent idea, hide form the heat with your happy things :) I'm sorry about archaeology camp.