Mummies: CT scans of Egyptian mummies show atherosclerosis - Los Angeles Times

A mummy in the British Museum.Image via WikipediaMummies: CT scans of Egyptian mummies show atherosclerosis - Los Angeles Times

I have the pestilence (cold) from hell at the moment, but this article was really interesting and I wanted to share it.

If you hadn't already guessed, I tend not to have a lot of patience for people who overly romanticize "non-Western" cultures (and often the concept of non-Western extends into the past to mean anything prior to the Industrial Revolution).
Therefore, this article about artherosclerosis, which is typically characterized as a disease of modern life, being found in Egyptian mummies is particularly interesting. One does have to wonder how much the results were determined by the relatively higher social status of the people being mummified and their greater access to diets that may have been less healthy.

It's interesting, though, the number of people who seem to think that if we could just transport some of the basics of modern hygiene and medicine into the pre-Industrial past that it would be a veritable utopia.

Not sure if this is making much sense as I'm loopy from the cold and stuff to kill the symptoms.

Anyway, ancient heart disease. Interesting.


Barbara said...

Sorry you hab a code. Baybe its allergies?

I lose patience with people who long for simpler times. I wonder how they'd cope with having to raise their own food (cows and chickens in the yard?) and grow crops. My favorite fantasy is one of them with no computer, no cell phone, and the toilet down a path out back. Then we'll see how they appreciate the good old days!

Feel better soon, Ferret!

Anonymous said...

Hey, found you through The Bloggess - I'm really interested in Egyptian history, I actually just watched a documentary on the Sphinx. Your blog looks really interesting!

I too have a cold from hell (and possibly the onset of Bronchitis), so I understand. Hope you feel better soon.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Ha! Awesome! There's a fair amount of blathering about ancient Egypt here, hope you enjoy!