Nevada Trip - Down South

When we got back to Las Vegas we decided to visit Red Rock Canyon.  It has lots of hiking trails of varying difficulty.  It also has an amazing interactive visitor's center that covers the canyon, desert climate, the microclimates in various parts of the park and is generally amazing.

I'd really like to go back and camp and do a few more of the trails. 

Prickly Pear

One of those sort of microclimates along a gully

Sad ickle pinyon pine

Yep, I look like a dork, what of it.  Worse, most of what I'm wearing is slightly too-small dig clothes

I feel like this most of the time


Behold my magical glowing shoes

Deciding how to make my ascent

Another more forest-y microclimate

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Anonymous said...

I'm envious! I used to be able to hike and handle camping. I'm a great campfire cook! Anymore I can't handle the grocery store some days. It looks fantastic.

Shoveling Ferret said...

I sort of made a conscious decision that I was going to wind up tired out and sore and I think it was worth it.
I'm ashamed to admit I've never been camping unless you count digs which aren't really camping so much.
I really want to try it though - I just have to figure out a portable power source for my CPAP.

Alwen said...

My degree is horticulture - microclimates are fascinating to me. It's amazing how much difference a little bit of shade and protection from the wind makes. I get all squee-ed up over these things.

Your glowing shoes are indeed magical!