Safely Arrived

Yesterday was a long day, but the trip went smoothly, so that was awesome.  The American Airlines people were very nice - the staff in Dallas even  changed our seats for us to give me more legroom and less distance to walk.  And got me a wheelchair for the jetway because it was a really long-ass jet-way.
Oreo was a good boy, as usual.
Peeking out of the carrier
Tasty fried chicken from the comfort of my wheelchair

Doing some crochet waiting for our connection in Dallas.
If you look closely you can see both the silver in my hair AND the stupid cystic pimples on my jawline.
Our flightpath into Vegas brought us right over Hoover Dam, which was beautiful light up in the dark.  I could just make out the silhouette of the new bridge against the lights shining up the face of the damn.

We slept in as best we could today, though Mom and Dad's younger schnauzer, Lily, is a punk and keeps starting stuff with Oreo.  And Oreo gives it right back.  Meanwhile, the older schnauzer (who is actually the same age as Oreo) Oliver just sort of patiently watches them be stupid and is a model sweetheart. 

We got to see my brother and his wife and my nephew today for dinner.  I'm tired and feeling a bit stiff and my joints are aching, but hopefully that will ease up soon.

It's overcast and smells of rain outside tonight - beautiful.  I miss the desert.
View from the backyard


Alwen said...

Now I want fried chicken. (And the verification word: bitin'.)

Anonymous said...

I have only been to that area once, 17 years ago. The nursing conference took up most of my time so I got to see very little of the region. Our family reunion will be near there next fall and hopefully I will see more.

Alwen said...

I thought of you today while talking Murphy's oil soap memories with Julie.