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I woke up today with full-body tremors and Elvis-Pelvis has returned.  I've been bowing or having my lower back arch forward on and off the past hour.
Fun times.
I don't know if I over-did it yesterday or if something else is going on or what.  Joys of Functional Movement Disorder - no one can tell you why you have it, why you have symptoms, when you'll have symptoms, or really what to do about it.

Now to decide whether to deal, drink some valerian tea, or take a Klonopin.  The later two options are likely to lead to varying degrees of space-cadet-ness.  Doing nothing will just make me sore and grouchy.

On top of this, my right elbow is a mess of itchy rash and I have eczema on my palms.  Awesome.
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Tom said...

Eczema is my favorite rapper!

Sorry you feel bad baby.

Alwen said...

Do you knit with nickel-plated needles at all? Finger/palm eczema makes me think of nickel dermatitis.

Here's a minor back-pain funny for you:

I work as a bank cleaner, so I spent several hours on my feet, vacuuming, overhead dusting, mopping, then I come home & try to sleep after all that.

The other night my back hurt, so I got up and rubbed Tiger Balm on it, and the next morning first thing, our son said, "What smells like chai?"

Errr, that would be me. Drink me!

Shoveling Ferret said...

I am allergic to nickel - which I found out once the coating on my white-gold wedding and engagement bands wore off. :(
The hand stuff is dyshidrotic eczema. Not sure what triggered it this time - allergies, stress, randomness.

"What smells like chai?" indeed. LOL

Leonie said...

Oh no. Hope the twitch subsides and the exzema calms down quickly. You do a remarkable job of staying positive. Minor ailments send me into a tail spin. Here's to many more twitch and itch free days in your future as your body remembers how to do the things it should be doing.

Anonymous said...


5 minutes of your life. what could it hurt? watch it...

if for nothing else, it is an interesting story...

and remember, elvis made millions of dollars doing that thing with his pelvis so you know...

it can't be all that bad...