First Day

I had my first day of work today after being out of work for about 2 years.  It was only about 5 1/2 hours, but I feel like a zombie. Probably the combo of lots of information to take in and having to pay attention for that long at a stretch.  And I'm tired lately anyway - I think doing my PT exercises 3 times a day is a bit too much for me.
Everyone was very nice, though, and it was good to have a fairly thorough run-through of the basics of the job.  I am fairly confident I can manage even an 8 hour shift, especially if I have a day or more of down-time in between.
I'll do a bit more training later in the week and talk about schedules, etc.  I'll be subbing for people much of the time, so I may not have a super-consistent schedule. 
Tomorrow is physical and brain therapy day.  Wooo.

And it seems the heat-wave has finally broken so I should be able to get some chores done and spend some time crafting without worrying about heat-stroke or stuff melting or felting.

Also, we established within the first hour that I'm not allowed to hit or clothesline people with my cane.  The fact that the response to that question was laughter is a very good sign.  :P

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