Fairy Wand

One of the groups I belong to on Ravelry for people with chronic illness decided we should have a fairy wand swap. The idea was to make something fun and sort of whimsical to cheer each other up and maybe have to take to doctor's appointments and hit people with.
Every one who participated got assigned a random recipient and we had some basic information about likes, dislikes, allergies, etc.
My recipient is a fan of ribbon and feathers and pink, blue, and teal.
I started with a wooden dowel cut down to size and made a marbled polymer clay handle. The handle was sealed with Mod Podge and polyurethan sealant. I painted glitter Mod Podge onto the rest of the wand and sealed it as well.
I found the rose on top in the $1 section of Michael's crafts - it was supposed to be a sort of bath poof thing. I cut off the hanging loop and glued it to the end of the wand.
I drilled a hole near the end of the wand and ran some beaded cords and various types of ribbon through, along with the pink maribou feather boa thing.
Then I made the grip decoration. I dyed some white feathers with food coloring to get the blues and teals and made some bows with more ribbon. And I made a little polymer clay brooch sort of thing and stamped it with some meaningful initials.
Amazingly, I had this done well before the due date and managed to send it off.
The recipient seems to really like it. I had a blast making it. I definitely went for the nearly ridiculous level of silly fun with it.

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Alwen said...

It's amazing how much fun this kind of stuff can be.

I did some cut-and-paste collages a couple of years ago when I was reading Betty Edwards' "Drawing on the Artist Within", and they were great fun. My old Dover book catalogs were great sources of images.

Barbara said...

I don't think you can really go overboard when making a magic wand. It's very lovely and intensely magic-y looking. Can't wait to see what you get.