Self-Esteem Boosting

Wii Fit Plus thinks I'm 50 and is shocked that I can walk without tripping over myself.  And Oreo likes to bark at the background noises in the meditation/Lotus Position mini-game and otherwise make a distraction of himself.  Also, I think it wants me to gain weight so my BMI is a perfect 22, but it can suck it.  Most of my clothes fit and we're keeping it that way.

It says Tom is 39 and also thinks his balance sucks, but for a different reason. 

We're of course responding to this in a completely mature reaction and at no point have I flipped off the machine or Tom.  Nor has Tom said anything like "it's okay, I am only 39 and you're 50."

Oreo weighs 15 lbs.  He doesn't get to play any games though.

All of the balance games were a challenge and even with just 5 minutes of playing, I have aches.

Also, WTF is up with the random flying Panda heads in the Soccer Ball Heading game?  Are they randomly assaulting furries and throwing their costumes at us?

Anyway, the plan is to do at least 5 minutes with it every day, probably yoga in the mornings, but possibly other things and keep up with my daily walks too.  We'll see how that goes for being enough, but not too much activity.

Tom is doing the skateboarding right now and it looks awesome but really freakin' hard.  Oreo is deeply baffled by Tom trying to speed up by moving his foot on the floor, which is hilarious.  He just sat right next to him and stared up at his face for a good minute with his head slightly tilted.  Then, since we're obviously playing some sort of game, even if it is a weird human game, he went to get his tennis ball and join in.


Chip said...

Aargh! I hated the flying panda heads in the soccer game! I don't remember a lotus position game. Must be a Wii Fit Plus addition.

How are you at lotus position? It took me forever to be able to force my creaky old man joints into the half lotus, and I'm stopping there.

Shoveling Ferret said...

I didn't try it - Tom did. I have always had problems with it though. Doing more of a kneeling position works better for me it seems. I'll know more when I finish the zafu.

John Mark said...

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Barbara said...

I'm addicted to my Wii Fit Plus. I don't get the flying panda heads either, although I suspect they're in there because they kind of look like soccer balls. I love the step aerobics, obstacle course, and bike riding. I'm a dork, I confess. That little talking cafeteria tray isn't a very good judge of age, is it? I don't flip it off either. Really. Well, hardly ever.

Alwen said...

Wow, comment spam that's not in Chinese!

I keep saying we should get a Wii fit so the kid will exercise. And so I can get some movement in when the mosquitoes are banging on the window screens.

Tom said...

I've always been able sit in the full lotus position. Never understood why people have trouble with it. Of course I've always been able to put my feet behind my head, and could do a splits until I was 20, so that probably explains it.

Leonie said...

Excellent and the image of the dog being confused and then joining in in his own fashion is fabulous! Those panda heads are particularly freaky aren't they.

Chip said...

Tom, you probably did regular exercises and stretches the rest of us didn't. I could do the lotus position when I was ten, but not anymore.

Justine, in my experience the whole kneeling-with-the-zafu-between-your-legs thing doesn't work very well. There's something called a seiza bench that's better for the kneeling posture, but it'd be a shame to waste that awesome zafu you just made.

I'd recommend starting with Burmese posture and working your way up to quarter-lotus, then half-lotus. That's what worked for me. Of course I don't know how your mobility issues will affect things.