Actual Crafting Content!

Ha, suck it doubters!  I do finish a project every now and then.  It's almost never something for myself, but hey...
Anyway, I made a little fairy that resembles my niece for Xmas/Birthday/Your-Aunt-Fails-at-Time-Management Day.  Ahem.  We gave her a book as well.  I made an attempt at jewelry but need to figure out how to work with tiny little bits of wire when I have arthritis in my hands.  Heh.

I finally finished her while we were down visiting - her constituent parts had been made, but she needed putting together.  She's from the pattern/recipe by NeedleNoodles, who is also the author of the very awesome Creepy Cute Crochet.

Tom was kind enough to take some photos:

Those of you who are squeamish should avert your eyes for the next one, which made me do a spit-take:

I made a little scrubby bath toy to go with a bath book for our baby nephew.

And before we left I frantically raced to finish my crocheted tote bag and sew a lining into it.  It didn't turn out quite how I'd hoped, but it's somewhat functional.  No photo of it.

I cast on, frogged, and cast on again a beginner pattern for a lace washcloth about 10 times during the trip.  It think it's finally going well.

And I've cast on, frogged, and cast on again for a gift due soon-like that is making me ever so slightly grumpy and forcing me to admit that I should probably review a video of knitting in the round with circular needles because I'm clearly screwing up somewhere.


Chandra the Crazed Quilter said...

Adorable! If she doesn't like 'em, I'd be happy to offer a loving home.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Our niece *loved* the fairy - her eyes got really big and I got a hushed "oh, wow!"
I love those reactions. She wants to try putting it in her "fairy tree" to see if it will attract more.
Our nephew is still a little too young to notice much, but I think he'll like the foamie and our niece was eyeing it too, so I suspect it will be loved regardless.