Awesome Project Mercury Photo

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/NASA
I found this on the Wiki page about Project Mercury when I was making sure I hadn't mixed up the Redstone and Atlas rockets.  Every time I see this image I think it's either heavily Photoshopped, a painting, or a sci-fi book cover.  It's a pretty awesome monument.  I'm glad they didn't leave Deke out, even though he didn't fly a Mercury mission.


Barbara said...

Wow, that's awesome. It looks like the portal to some fantastic world, or a religious icon. Tres cool.

Mel said...

My husband used to work at NASA and lived in Titusville a few years back. Here are real photos of the SpaceView Memorial Park. I've been there several times to watch launches. The Mercury 7 memorial isn't stuck in the ground. It's on a brick pyramid with the astronaut's plaques set in the pyramid. Also, the launch pad isn't that close. It's 15 miles away and hard to see, even with a 500mm photo lens (ask me how I know). Somewhere on my hard drive, I have some launch photos from the pier at the park.


I can watch launches from my front yard living in Central Florida. I know, I suck.. sorry! I'd share the yard if I could.