I just ordered a new brain - aka day planner. I had planned on being green and just buying new refill pages for my current one, but the snap closure on in broke and isn't easily fixable, the seams are getting a bit frayed, and well, while that make it more resemble my actual brain, it isn't the best thing with which to keep everything straight. Also, it's a good thing I decided to blog about it as I discovered when I went to find the Amazon link that I had accidentally ordered the wrong size. Cancelled that order and fixed it.

For an unemployed chronically ill woman with no children, I actually have a surprising amount of stuff to keep track of. I have to write down when I take OTC meds or else I forget and risk taking too much too soon. All my medical appointments. Other events. I try to keep track of basic symptoms daily, especially migraines and involuntary movement stuff.  Random bits of paper like receipts for co-pays, list of current meds, list of past meds (for the inevitable "no, really, we already tried that" conversations). Coupons. Contact info for family and friends and doctors.

Hopefully this one will hold up longer than the current planner. I ordered the same size hoping that I can transfer some of the stuff from my existing planner without having to re-do it. Hurray for ring-binding.

Other than that it's freezing, I slept too much, I pinched a nerve or muscle or both in my left arm and have been contorting trying to pop it all day, and I'm still in a funk. :P Hoping I'll be awake and feeling well enough for a trip to the library tomorrow for books about spinning and polymer clay, though.

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