So, I got a call today rescheduling my cognitive testing for next week.  I guess that means more time to, uh, study?
I figure at some point I'll start having nightmares that I'm retaking my grad school comprehensive exams.  And they're all in hieratic instead of just part of one.

Also, I feel like ass and am staying in bed today at least until my general itchiness wins out and I'm forced to shower, or my laptop battery runs out and I fail to retrieve the powercord.

I also managed to swallow an enormous amount of air from my CPAP.  The results have not been pleasant.

I sent out another CV for an online teaching position today. Everybody do whatever superstitious luck-making thing you do for me.  Maybe for once they won't run screaming from a degree in "Near Eastern Art and Archaeology."  (Dude, it works for history, it works for anthro/archaeology, it works for general humanities.  Just give me a job!!!!)

Also, tweeting for hugs is remarkably and wonderfully successful.  That is definitely cool.


Julie said...

Okay, the hieratic nightmares top anything I ever dreamed about Russian class or Algebra. So funny, yet not.

Hope you feel better soon and the on-line teaching comes through. That would be great.

And, um. I'm reasonably sure you can't study for cognitive testing. Pretty sure. Almost positive. Heehee. Study anyway if it makes you feel better.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Hieratic is my personal bane of existence. I freakin' hated that class. Love the prof (though I was terrified of him at the time), I tried really hard, I just couldn't get my brain to translate the cursive glyphs to proper not-cursive glyphs. I still twitch when I see it.

Maybe if I take a bunch of online IQ tests that will be like studying for the cognitive testing? :P