Yet another reason why Oreo is a punk

He just had a bath.  I talk to him when I bathe him, partly to reassure him and partly because I talk to him most of the time.  I think this may bewilder some visitors, but that's another post.  One of the running themes of my Oreo bathing monologue is that he will feel better and less itchy when we're done.
He clearly does not believe me.
After every bath he plants himself in my direct line of site and proceeds to scratch, bite, lick, and nibble on himself as if to say, "See!  I do not need baths!  They do no good, stupid mama!  Being stinky and dreadlocked is my natural state!"
He also runs around like a spaz when just after his bath.  He also usually does this after coming in from a walk.  I really wish that I felt half that good after a bath or after pooping.  How does that work, anyway?

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