Shopping and Pain

So, Friday I went out shopping with some friends on a quest for jeans for one of them.  Fairly uneventful except that I got motion sick in the car, which hasn't happened to me in several months.  Joy.  At least I didn't barf.

Saturday, Tom and I decided to check out a Goodwill store just to see what we could find.  This would have been more enjoyable if I hadn't suddenly started having double-over, OMG-WTF-there's-an-incubus-in-my-abdomen cramps.  I toughed it out.  Didn't find much besides a fairly decent haul of sci-fi/fantasy paperbacks and a cardigan for Tom.  No luck in the velour sweatsuits (I like the nicer ones with the hoody and pants because they're comfy but I feel comfortable venturing forth in public in them) or in corduroy jumpers or dresses that aren't disgustingly cutesy or matronly.

Saturday evening the worst migraine I've had in a very long time hit.  I suspect the motion sickness on Friday was part of the "aura." prodrome.  Anyway, it started off like one of my typical migraines that I get every 10 days or so - sucktastic, but I can take some Excedrine, find a quiet spot and read or sleep and deal.  Then it decided to get extra evil on me.  Yeah...I thought someone was driving an ice-pick through my skull.  My eyes kept slipping out of focus.  I started sweating.  And I started getting nauseous.  Anyway, I managed to get to sleep.  And woke up Sunday with the migraine still there.  And the nausea was worse.  And I was having hot and cold flashes and sweating.  And feeling rather...giddy.

I finally got rid of it (mostly) very late Sunday night, possibly early Monday morning.  I hate these.  The pain sucks, but that isn't what bothers me the most.  It's the nausea and hot/cold flashes and skin being over sensitive and giddiness or lightheadedness or anxiety or whatever the hell it is that I really, really hate.  It makes me feel slightly panicky and slightly like I'm not quite in control.  It's dreadful.  It isn't precisely a panic attack, but it is sort of similar, though it lasts a while.  And it puts me in mind of some of my worst moments mentally and emotionally, which probably doesn't help matters.  Anyway, talking about it/through it seems to help, thus this post.  Having Oreo decide to shove my laptop off my lap and occupy it himself also helps, as I discovered last night.

Anyway, I'm still feeling a bit fragile - the migraine hangover, I call it.    Hopefully another day of rest will help.

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